Want to successful? Get these tips that Bill Gates & Warren Buffett have in common...Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Luxury Topics

Ever wonder what does Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs have in common? Well here are 14 things successful people you will never hear them say that you may be saying today.

1. “It cannot be done”

Successful people are good finding solutions to impossible task. They’ll always think of creative ways to think out of the box to find a solution to the issue to get it done.

2. “No”

Successful people are yes people, risk takers and are not afraid of standing up in hard situations, and will never ever say no if it’s something they are interested. It is ever more so if it’s a potentially to grow their business.

3. “I can do that on my own”

Smart successful people always surround themselves with dedicated talented people ever if they can do it on their own. That way, it gives them more time to focus on more important issues such as marketing and planning to grow the business.

4. “I don’t know how”

Instead of shutting down on a business opportunity or project that you are not familiar with. Successful people will learn whatever it needs to take on that project or read up books on the topic to get educated about it or hire people and outsource the project to others.

5. “I have too much work”

Working smart and hard is one of the most common habits that most successful people are willing to put time in. Very often they would reflect on what they had to do before planning the most effective plan to get the task done.

6. “I give up”

Despite how hard the challenges may be, successful people’s mindset is to never give up in all situations. They may face challenges or failures along their life but seldom do you see successful giving up. Instead, most will quickly move onto the next task or reflect on what had got wrong and make it better the next time.

7. “It’s too bad we couldn’t work together”

If you know the person you working with is going to aid in closing a big deal. Successful people will always find a way to connect with that person even if it’s a trade not of their own by connecting with others to the deal for a commission.

8. “I never read books”

Successful leaders are readers. In fact, most successful people read the biography of other successful people to study and understand their ideas and concepts to gain insights to running a profitable business.

9. “I’m shy I dislike meeting and talking to people”

The key to most successful people are the connections and people you talk to in your business. In fact, all successfully network to gain bigger deals to increase in their business deals.

10. “I did it myself”

An honest successful people are good at giving credit where it due especially when there are people working for you in your company or an outsourcer. Often they do not like being in the spotlight but instead, highlight the hard work done by others to encourage to do a better job on the next task.

11. “I am not free”

A successful person will always make time for important business meetings especially if it involves in generating sales for the company.

12. “Sorry I cannot help”

Successful people understand the value of helping others even at a time for non-monetary gains. Often do you always see successful people doing charity or lending a helping hand? A successful person knows helping other means a favor returned in the future that they may need.

13. “I am slow and no good”

Part of being successful is always having a sense of confident in self-worth.

14. “It’s ok over and over”

Successful people know when to walk away when need to not waste their time. Moving on to the next task or project will help explore better opportunities.

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