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7 Shocking Dangers About Pokemon Go

7 Shocking Dangers About Pokemon Go

Just like every aspect of games, they are designed to be fun , entertaining. especially if a game is so exciting it makes you so engross into the game you forgot your surroundings that’s where it gets dangerous if not careful.

1. Injuries While Playing

Players reported failing over pot holes, twisting ankles and even walking into lampposts and other obstacles as they spent their time engrossed in their phone without paying attention to the surroundings.

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2. Potential Muggings

Pokemon GO works by spawning Pokemon and items at specific locations, meaning lots of players will find the same rare creatures in the same spot.

It didn’t take long after the release of the game for muggers to realise how this could be exploited.

Armed robbers used the game Pokemon Go to lure victims to an isolated trap in Missouri that police reported at 2am.

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3. Dead Bodies

Exploring the woods and field in the countryside looking for Pokemon might seem like a good idea.

A 19-year-old player in Wyoming was exploring the countryside near her home, looking for rare creatures. She was exploring a natural water source when she came across a dead body.

According to police, it appears that no foul play but you can imagine the traumatic experience for any young kid or player of the game.

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4. Car Crushes & Accidents

It’s general known that we should not use the phone while driving but the tempting of catching a rare Pokemon could not be resist as some points may cause accidents while catching Pokemon and driving

Just three days into the Pokemon Go launch in Singapore, an accident seems to be indirectly caused by the crazily popular game.

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5. Get To Engross Forgot Reality of Life

A neighbour found the 2-year-old boy outside Thursday night and called the authorities. They came and call the parents but they did not bother. Both parents showed up a while later and admitted they left their son home alone to go play “Pokemon Go”.

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6. Pokemon Episode Gave Children Seizures

On December 16, 1997, an episode of the then-unstoppable Pokémon animated series was broadcast in Japan. Barely thirty minutes later, nearly 700 children were on their way to a hospital.

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7. Lures Adults & Children To Places

It may seem harmless at first, flipping out the app and catching Pokemon. Once you get too engross bad things can happen. Since the launch of the game, it has cause many deaths in relation to the game due to luring people to places they should not be going.

Just search Pokemon Go Death, you will see a long list of reports all around the world. It had happened to adults and what more children who may dash across the road just to catch a Pokemon.

To make things worst, a Syrian opposition group is trying to use the popularity of Pokémon Go to draw attention to the over 14,000 children who have been killed in Syria so far.

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