In the 21st century, we are living in a world where everything that used to be wrong 10 years ago is now widely accepted in the world we live today. Most of the practices we know are good are never good anymore but yet it does play an important role in helping any type of business online or offline to process.

Here are 7 key principles that will help you process in your career or business. As long you keep these in mind all the time and practice them, your business will succeed beyond what you can imagine.

Show Love

Do we show in our work or business that we love our customers? Today in this age of consumerism, we are much more concern how we do suck our clients pockets than what is drawn out from their pockets. We sometimes compromise practices just to earn that extra dollar in my sales report.

An act of love to customers is important because most customers do not really care how much your product or service can do for them but they do care how much you care about the benefits they can get from you.

Understanding customers need is a form of love and it shows to your clients that you care and therefore long term referrals will come towards your business.

Show Joy

Do you maintain your attitude of living every day happy working at your job or business? Your attitude in your business shows the reflection of your image the company you are working for.

By showing an attitude of joy to your clients, your customers will be able to sense the peace and joy in you and that will lead the customer to experience an unforgettable experience with your products or services.

Show Peace

Do you calmly do your work, or do you get upset when things do not go the way it should be? Many times we are under pressure by numerous things in life that if we fail to notice them, it can lead us to do unpeaceful behaviors towards others.

Show Patience

Do we maintain an attitude of allowing others to grow in their skills? or do we demand they must have it all right now even though you know the people you work with need time and patience to upgrade their skills?

By introducing patience into your daily life, you will find more peace and joy naturally at work.

Show Kindness

We all want to be treated with kindness but yet do we do the same for others at work? Treating others with respect and kindness is the 1st step to process in working with others.

It is not too hard to show kindness at work, it all starts with a simple gesture of saying “thank you” at work.

Show Goodness

When facing others at work, do you show any best interest of others in mind? Or are you simply just entertaining them for the sake of it?

A simple switch in thinking of showing goodness by taking into account interest of their party needs would show that you really show care and love.

Naturally most people who experience such gesture will response likewise as well.

Show Faithfulness

Do we speak to others the same we speak to our loved ones? In other words do we talk to others? Do we put an honest day’s work and not cheat our bosses?

Show Self-Control

Do we maintain the discipline to work well at our jobs or business? As bosses do we sometimes get lazy to report to work on time? or as a worker do we take medical leaves when we are not really sick at the first place?

I hope you find all these tips useful and if you find them kind of familiar especially if you believe in God that is because they are actually principles taught in the Bible below:

“But the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,” Galatians 5:22 (GNT)

Suprise? So you see there a lot you can learn in the Bible regardless if you are a Christian or not but the principles shared in the scriptures gives everyone valuable values we can take away to advance in our business and careers.

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