Do you want to create stunning review videos for marketing online? Then you need to get a motor slider to help; you create better review videos to market your videos. I recently found this really affordable and cheap slider on Amazon call Grip Gear Movie Maker.

It is designed mainly for smartphones, but I do my research and check it can support up to 500g of weight and my Canon m3 + lens weights about 450g :) In the video review above I will show you more what this slider can do :)

Normally a motor slider will cost range from US$500 to US$3,000 and right now this slider is priced below $150 which is a no brainer for videographers or marketers who needs to make videos often like me :) Check out at the link here for more information at Amazon

  • Katrin Tzembelikos

    Hi Alvin! Thank you for this honest review! We would to get in touch with you and give you some more tips on how to get the most out of this slider. Your feedback is very valuable to us and we’d like to send you a complimentary extra track for the Movie Maker. You can email me at kat(@)gripgear(dot)com