In our last post here, I did a 1 day experiment with tip on Uber & Smove Singapore. Recently Uber Singapore made some new changes to the incentives and I wanted to find out how much someone in Singapore can really earn from trying Uber and Smove. Watch the video above with detailed breakdown of my experience driving Smove and how much you really can earn in a day 🙂 Have you through of making money from driving Uber in Singapore? In this short 1 day

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Click Here For $100 Uber Credit
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Here Are The Steps To Get Started With Smove And Uber

How To Get Started

  1. Sign as a Singapore Uber driver here ( get $100 Credit )
  2. Sign-up for smove (click here to sign up for free on smove get $20 credit )
  3. Complete the “Getting Started” section
  4. Email us the photos of your driver licence to Smove
  5. Contact Uber to transfer your Uber driver account to smove
  6. After your smove account has been activated and your Uber driver account transferred to us, click on “Drive with Uber” and start making your first booking!

This video is not associated with Uber or Smove, this video is created for education purpose, there is no form of guarantee of income by what is taught in this video. 

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