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How To Start E-Commerce Business With Little Money

Marketplace Ministry - Philippines Slum Helping The Poor 🙂

Hi! My name is Alvin Phang and since 2006 I have helped well over 25,000+ students in 150 countries on how to sell stuff online and today I have over 45,000+ Social Followers all thanks to the God 🙂

My mentor Jesus Christ has always taught that “It is more blessed to give than to receive” –  Acts 20:35b . I truly believe that and that’s the reason why I like to take this chance to blessed you with these guides which I took days to create.

If you are looking for ways to setup your own e-commence store today than you will seriously need this guide series that I have specially written to help newbies to get started easily. You can read more about the guides on this page below ( or side on desktop )

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Here’s What You Learn In This Guide

  1. Proven Ways To Do E-Commerce
  2. The Importance of Goals To Help Boost Your Business
  3. The Top 4 Proven E-Commerce Options Explained
  4. Understand Your Costing & Profits Is Key To Growth
  5. Pitfalls Of Some Platforms Used For E-Commerce You Might Not Be Aware Of
  6. Make Wise Choices To Start Your Business At A Low Cost
  7. Sell The Right Products So That You Be In Profit Not Lost
  8. Find Popular Items On Ebay To Model Over
  9. List of Proven Suppliers For Your E-Commerce Business Explained
  10. Steps On How To Find Suppliers From Hot Products Online
  11. Master The Art of Pricing Items At Higher Margins

Printable Worksheets Included Too To Help You!

  1. Setting Up Actionable Goals Worksheet
  2. Finding High Demand Markets Worksheet
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