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How Hospitable Are We Really Are?

How Hospitable Are We Really Are?


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Grown up as a Singaporean Chinese , my parents some how taught me that we must always be hospitable to others. Especially when there is guest coming to our house.

Recently I been taught by Sister Davina from Acts College on our duties as Christians to be hospitable. I find it amazing to know that being hospitable is not a gift but it’s a duty that all Christians must apply in their life. Just as how Jesus was hospitable to everyone and welcome everyone without boundaries. He has no boundaries when it comes to being hospitable but only has towards wrong doing or sin.

Honestly, I feel to be hospitable to someone you know or like is easy. Anyone can simply do it but the Bible goes beyond just a friend but to command all Christian to be hospitable to strangers. When I was not a Christian about 7 years ago, if you ask me would I ever consider to help a stranger I honestly would have said no. Simply because by than, I was boastful and proud and could care less about others around me. Some how, when one turns to Jesus. He cleanses your sin and transforms your character to be more like Him.

Having been to a few mission trips, the experiences and lives I had help to transform was an encounter I would never forget that transform how I approach strangers and showing love to all regardless of their background rich or poor. Looking back I remember the 1st time I had a mission trip on my way to show hospitality to the slum in Philippines it reminded me the importance of being loving to others can have a great effect on others.

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To be hospitable when one is rich with wealth is easy but sometimes I wonder how about those with little can they be hospitable as well? Right where I am in Singapore normally doing missionary work or charity would be the last thing in their mind. Doing good works or being hospitable to others is only for those who are retiring or simply nothing much to do.

Throughout the course we had to spend time intentional to have shared meals and Sister Davina did a great job to help us realise the power of meals. To offer someone a meal is easy but to intentionally sit and eat with the person that is why you socialise with others more. I enjoy a great time of fellowship and get to know new friends in Bible school and throughout this course on Hospitality it made me see the importance of the meals that Bible talk a lot about. In fact, most of the time before Jesus teaches anything to the disciples it was always at a meal.

During the course, we learn that during the 2nd to 3rd century Christian depended a lot on the hospitality of other Christians as Churches were ran from homes. Pastors had to go from city to city to preach and was dangerous for them to stay at Inns or public areas. Most times Pastors during that time had to live in Christian home due to safety from persecution on the streets. One interesting point noted during our studies, if a pastor was found to ask for money or requested to stay in the house more than 2 days they were consider as false prophet. This point of depending on other Christians for help makes me wondering how many real Christians would actually offer help to other Christians at times of need.

With plenty of resources sometimes it is easy to be hospitable but if one has limited resources in wealth or worst risk the security of having strangers living in our homes would a Christian offer to allow them to stay? In the Bible Jesus goes against all boundaries and traditions by eating with sinners which was seen during that time a weird act as only “holy” people eat with “holy” people how can someone of a status eat with sinners.

Conclusion, while I know it’s my duty to be hospitable to strangers and I have no issues doing so but just pray God would not make it hard or challenging for us to be hospitable to other in hard situations.. haha 🙂

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