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How Pastoral Can One Be To Others?

How Pastoral Can One Be To Others?

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Recently I signed up for a module called “Pastoral Epistles” at Acts College and to be honest, at first, my impression was about how to be a pastor that was what I thought. The Pastoral Epistles consist of three books of the Bible which are mainly 1 Timothy , 2 Timothy and Titus.

All three books are actually letters written by Paul to the disciple Timothy and Titus. In the study of these books, believers would be able to better understand what needs to be done to be a good leader , elder for the church. As part of my studies in this module, one of my assignments was to blog about my what I learn thus reason for this blog post 🙂

During the in-depth study of 1 Timothy, I would never imagine the amount of problems a leader faced when it comes to handling a problematic church. The church in Ephesus was put in a church to Timothy and there were many false teachings going around at that time. To make matters worse the woman during that time was spreading bad gossips and teachings and causing many believes in falling.

Paul lay out the foundation of being a good leader by having only one wife, being sober, self-controlled, orderly , be hospitable to strangers, able to teach, not be the drunkard and must not love money ( 1 Tim 3:2-4).

Since when I became a serious Christian about 5 years ago, I always struggle with the thought about the love of money. While money is not evil , it was always the love of money ( greed ) that is evil ( 1 Tim 6:10). So for many years I struggle the thought that I want it all to enjoy for myself and never thought of others. Sometimes it always easier for one to read and listen but when it comes to doing it, it can be the struggle for some and that includes me.

It was until I decided to put it into action by doing some mission work to help others who were in need. Someone, once I started to do that action of giving, my whole life has been turned around.

Paul command about what the rich should be was very strong as he stated ” Command those who are rich in the things of this life not be proud, but to place their hope, not in such an uncertain thing as riches, but in God, who generously gives us everything for our enjoyment.” ( 1 Tim 6:17). 

I know a lot of really wealthy friends and what’s the interesting habit that most of them have is that when it comes to giving it most of the time is the last thing that comes into their minds. I recall there was once I started an online fundraising campaign for rice donation to give others opportunity to help and donate to the poor. I email out to about 30,000 of my readers and what was amazing was the one that donates the most were the ones that were living just simple lives. The millionaires that were in my list all kept really quiet not even $50 😛 

I notice that people who are proud of money will never be contented with what they have and that I feel is the main reason why rich people find it so hard to give. In fact, I realize most of them are pretty calculative and stringy when it comes to money and you be surprised they love to save every cent there is when it comes to spending. However, when it comes to showing off with nice cars and things, they are willing to spend them. It’s kind of weird don’t you think so.

People who have little tend to be more giving than those who have more and through the study of Paul’s teachings it reminded me of the times I had with the people in the slum areas where people are really poor but yet rich in their hearts. Most of them were very contented with what they have and that I believe is something we all need to learn from in our life to be more contented in life and be willing to help and bless others as we grow in wealth and blessings.





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