Home Business How To Increase Your Business In 30 Days Guarantee

How To Increase Your Business In 30 Days Guarantee

How To Increase Your Business In 30 Days Guarantee

If you are running a business , regardless if it is internet marketing, insurance, real estate or any sort of business I am going to show you how you can increase your sales in the next 30 days with these valuable tips from 9 years of running many business and helping thousands make a living online selling stuff 🙂

In a typical business degree, many business courses teach mainly on the structure of how to run a successful business but hardly do you see any explanation how can you optimize your business better to get better paying customers and more important customer who are loyal and willing to pay money for your services.

Here are some key ideas and components you can use to implement to your business today in the next 30 days to improve your sales guarantee!

1. Understand Your Customers

In the past number of months or years that you run your business, seat down and understand what your customers who have made purchases from you first. Here’s some pointers to help you out.

  • What are the common issues your customers faced when purchasing your services / products?
  • What are the top 3 things your customer love about your brand or product?
  • What are the top 3 things your customers wish your product could have done better?
  • Top 3 reasons why customer buy from you and not others?

Understanding the demographics of your audience is also key to better targeting the right group of your business. For example , if I open a shop to sell online men’s clothing who are my audience customers? In this case would be mainly male right, that what many will think but it’s not entirely true. Have you consider the fact that different seasons of the year may have different focuses of audience as well? For example how about buying T Shirts for men by ladies as gift for their husband that is one possible angle as well which can be easily done on Facebook Advertising 🙂

Using the pointer I highlight above, conduct a simple survey using Google Documents and find out from our customers these points and I am very sure it will aid you in understanding your customer better.

2. Provide Great Customer Support

I remember about 7 years ago, my poly mates in Temasek Polytechnic Jervis and Alvin started a company call “Vodien” as webhosting provider in Singapore was not very well known in Singapore. Today it became one of the largest web hosting provider in Singapore and do you know why? It was because of your unique focus on branding that they makes an effort to give superior 24/7 support to their customers.

In fact, if you do your market competition analytic right, during that time not many Singapore web hosting companies provided 24/7 support hotline and not many was able to provide solutions to solve issues fast from their web hosting issues. Vodien key to success was due to the fact they knew these issues and addressed them and made it their unique selling point why you should choose us rather than others because of our great support.

For my case, I started my online coaching AzonBible.com only in June 2014 and unlike the past I use to charged US$1500 to US$2000 for my program. I believe it was over priced for what it is and my strategy for this program was not to just make money but to ensure the people who join this unique program will get sales in 14 days and we wanted to reach the masses up to 10,000 people for this program.

We started promoting AzonBible.com online at a very affordable fee of US$497 which also came with a offline Singapore workshop camp and the response was great. But it did not stop there, I started to provide superior support by giving my customers direct access to me for questions and problems they face and also provided a Facebook group for interaction with my customer.

My focus was to ensure they do what was taught in 14 days and make sales as well. The outcome was really beyond what I expected and I knew it had to be God who was some how in the picture as well as I was planning the marketing of the program. Our success rate was through the roofs and the best part of it as customer trust us for our valuable inputs as we build a community of very valuable customers.

3. Build A Relationship With Your Customers

Many thousands of people online today, sell ebooks using “fake” names or simply publish books to claim they are expect in their fields of what they write which is nothing wrong. But I am a strong believer of building a brand around your  name as a book publisher and never use a “fake” name in my books, because I understand the value of building a strong relationship with your customers is key to increasing your business sales.

A great tool for interacting with your customers is to build a simple private Facebook group with your valued customers to better understand who they are and what are their needs. You will be surprise, a simply question of asking ” what problems you faced using our services / products ” can give you valuable information to help position your company better giving it unique selling point you can focus on.

What Say You?

So what about your business? If you have yet to implement these tips do so and I can guarantee without a doubt within 30 days you will see a major shift in your business once you focus your attention more on to providing value to your customers than just focus on selling and marketing.

If you have benefited from this article in any way I would love to hear your feedback and comments below. Share this article to your friends on Facebook by clicking on the share buttons below.

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