In this tutorial, you will learn how you can save time and money up to 30% using a simple and fast tactic that hardly much experts are talking about call “Facebook Lead Ads”

If you are currently doing Facebook Ads and using Leads Ads you will face one problem that is you have to manually import and export the leads to your autoresponder.

If you do not have an auto responder I would recommend using Getresponse is what I am using on this blog here. You can sign up for their FREE Trial here.

To solve the problem of manually import/export the leads to Getresponse, I recommend using LeadsTunnel. Comparing to other solutions, LeadsTunnel is only a one-time payment of US$37 while most of the other solutions is a monthly fee. You can click here to find out more about Leads Tunnel.

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  • Ariana Gallo

    Great job Alvin! I have recently written my thesis on “Multimedia Marketing as a major growth driver for startups” via supreme dissertations, and I have talked about LeadsTunnel there too :) Great to see that experts are recommending it as well.