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How To Save & Get Cheap Air Tickets For Tokyo Japan

How To Save & Get Cheap Air Tickets For Tokyo Japan

Hey do you love Japan as much as we do? If you need tips on traveling there check out my Ultimate Japan guide here. If you ever look at most tour packages, a 6 day tour package just for 1 person can easily cost one person SGD$3,000+. In order to save on money for travel is it always better to travel by FREE and EASY.

There are many travel comparing website now a days that help us find cheap flights. These are my top 3 recommended sites below:

  1. CheapTickets.sg
  2. Trip.com
  3. www.SkyScanner.com

Amount the three, the one that I find was able to give me the best prices for cheap air tickets so far is CheapTickets.sg. Below is a screenshot of a recent booking I made at CheapTickets.sg which I managed to get 2 tickets for Singapore To Tokyo for only $575 EACH which includes TAX which is really cheap!

Screenshot of booking from my Singapore to Tokyo trip from CheapTickets.sg


There are many travel booking sites online and not every travel site is the same. Therefore it is very important you do your research homework to Google for reviews of any travel website before you make your bookings.

Generally these are the things to check on any travel booking site before you make your payment on any website

  • Make sure they have a contactable number
  • Make sure there is a address clearly stating where is their office, you be surprise some travel sites made it really hard to contact them. Which is a sign that they will give you bad customer service.
  • Use websites like www.trustpilot.com to check out the website reviews before you make your bookings ( note all any site below 3 stars I would avoid )

Book In Advance For Cheaper Fares

Personally when I made any holiday plans, I would often plan at least 2 to 3 months in advance and monitor when are the best times to travel and book air tickets.

Another cool tip, always select on different day slots to compare pricing and which day is the best and cheapest way to travel!

Transits Flights Are Always Cheaper!

Generally transit flights are way cheaper than direct flights. Below is an example

If you are booking flights to Tokyo, note there are two airports in Tokyo. One of them is Narita Airport and the other is Haneda Airport.

As you can view from above, the Japan Airline is priced at $771 which is a direct flight from Singapore To Haneda. But if you compare with the other two flights which is cheaper because they are transit flights.

For transit flight is best to have a buffer of about 2 to 3 hours in between so that you have time to change flight and not in a rush.

Always Book To Flight To Haneda

Here’s why because it takes 1 hour 20min or more to reach the city from Narita Airport to the city. That is also the reason most times you see cheaper flights are going towards Narita Airport.

However, there are also cases where you get cheap flights to Haneda Airport too as low as SG$600+ which you just need to monitor the prices for the flights.

Share Your Experiences With Booking Travel Sites Below!

Do you have a travel site that you prefer to do your booking? comment below your experiences about them below so we can share them with the community here 🙂

God Bless.

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