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Selling On Amazon The Best Business Online Today


If you have yet to notice it more and more people are slowly jumping into selling on Amazon. Before I explain more details you have to know there are many ways you can make money from Amazon, below is a list of them

  1. Make money from selling books on Amazon
  2. Make money as an affiliate of Amazon , means you sell Amazon products ( commission about 2 to 6% )
  3. Make money selling on Amazon by drop shipping items to sell
  4. Make money selling wholesale physical products on Amazon through Amazon Seller Central
  5. Make money selling private label products under your own brand through Amazon Seller Central
  6. Make money selling using FBA for wholesale or private label products

Among the whole list above, no.2 to no.5 has the highest potential earning ranging from 10% to 50% net profit per sale. You may wonder why I suddenly close of my IM business and focus on Amazon alone. Here’s the reason why below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 8.35.32 am
Image Source from Wiki Invest

Every quarterly which is every 3 months, Amazon generates a whopping $17 to $20.6 Billion dollars that about $5.6 Billion per month. Even if you are look at the gross net profit of $5 to $7 billion is a lot too. In case you are not aware, Google only makes $2.5 Billion and Ebay makes $1.5 Billion only, making Amazon 2 to 3 times more and is the biggest player online in terms of revenue and sales.

Advantages of Selling On Amazon

  • You can start for FREE actually by signing up here
  • There’s option to upgrade to PRO account which is recommended so that you can provide free shipping which get more sales at $39.99/mth
  • There is no listing fee not like Ebay, which means you can immediately start listing 100s of listing in a week if you want to and start making lots of money
  • It’s not hard to list an item , just click here to see how I list in 60 secs
  • It’s support worldwide
  • You do not have to buy stock to sell through dropship it’s risk free
  • Traffic is key to any business, what I love is once you list Amazon will promote your listing

We started selling physical product on Amazon in early 2014 and I really thank God we generated almost well over USD$37,000 Revenue in such a short period of time.

The most amazing part was not how much I made but my students were making even more through learning from here call AzonBible which is an online Amazon Course teaching people how to sell on Amazon using drop shipping model. To find out more how it works you can click here to view the video demo.

I was shocked to find out my students were making a crazy USD$20,000 of revenue in a month and most of them are making even more than me in revenue which I am very happy to say so 🙂 Why I earn so little you may wonder because I was busy coaching them and teaching , that’s why 😛

I believe God set this path for me and I do pray in year 2015 there will be even more great testimonials that I will share on this blog so do remember to subscribe to my blog for further updates 🙂

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