Home Japan Travel Guide Tokyo Tips – How To Travel On Low Budget With Great Savings!

Tokyo Tips – How To Travel On Low Budget With Great Savings!

Tokyo Tips – How To Travel On Low Budget With Great Savings!

10 years ago, if you were to ask me to travel to Japan for a holiday it was nearly impossible to go for under USD$2,000. However right now there are many solutions and tips that I am about to share with you that will teach you how to travel to Tokyo on a low budget with huge savings. Note that most tour packages cost around USD$2,100 for just a 8 day, 5 night trip to Tokyo, what I will teach you is how you can spend the same amount but go for 10 days, 9 nights in stead ( value for money ) through free and easy.

Myth About Japan Food is Expensive – Where To Eat

Lots of people who think of traveling to Japan would think that traveling to Japan is expensive. Well the truth is depends on where you want to go to eat and shop. There are many places you get eat in Tokyo for only 390Yen (US$3.50)

Look out for this stores that is widely available in Tokyo it’s cheap and there are many outlets and the Ramen is taste great!

Here’s a look at the Menu and Prices

Generally Ramen in Tokyo cost around 500 Yen to 1200 Yen which is honestly pretty affordable and the amount of food they give is a lot and value for money.

Traveling Within Tokyo By Train or Bus

Train and buses in Tokyo are not cheap and train system is complicated if you are not careful you can get lost. Once you reach the Airport in Tokyo you would want to buy a PASMO card which you can use easily to pay for all the various companies of trains and buses.

More information on Pasmo Card can be found here and where to get them.

It is a must when you are planning to travel by Train in Tokyo that you always need Internet Connection and a travel app. You download these Travel Apps to help navigate around Tokyo.

Japan Travel App – Android

Japan Travel App – iPhone

Rental of Pocket Wifi ( Not Needed If Your AirBnb Provided it For Free )

Staying In Tokyo Through AirBnb Not Hotels

Hotels in Tokyo are really expensive it can range from SG$150+ and above. A cheaper alternative would be to rent places through AirBnb.com

Click Here For A Full List of Places I Found Not Bad In Tokyo

Tips for renting through Airbnb, first to note it is not a hotel therefore there is no cleaning services or change of towels in renting other people’s apartment to stay.

When selecting any place in AirBnb, I recommend you start with Shinjuku or Shibuya are the two hottest place you would want to stay. Always check if there is a FREE Pocket Wifi provided that would save you at least SG$100 renting any Wifi. A Pocket Wifi is battery operated so means you can bring out the device and have internet where ever you go in Tokyo.

If you need privacy, it would be recommend to rent the entire house and prices can range from only SG$60 to SG$200 per day for the entire home! If you do not mind meeting new friends, you can rent shared rooms in houses where toilets are shared 🙂

Buying Air Tickets Cheap & Only Fly To Haneda Airport!

I highly recommend using Skyscanner to compare and search for flights. I flew from Singapore to Tokyo through so far Japan Airlines and ANA Airlines. Personally I prefer ANA airlines more as the service is better and faster too compare to Japan Airlines. Food is provided in these two airlines and priced from SG$700 to SG$800 depending on promotion for direct flight which takes about 7 hours from Singapore.

Powerful Video Tutorial Searching For Cheap Flights

Hey I love to travel and these few days I was planning my trip for Japan and discover some amazing ways to really find and book cheap flights without waiting for any sale or going to any agent 😛 How cheap you may ask in my video I show you how I get a trip which includes TAX – 2 way Singapore to Bangkok for USD$120 Only 🙂

You can download the app for android the link here for apple the link is here.

Or You Can Try Searching For Flights Below:

Other Flight Options

If you on a tight budget, you may want to go for budget airline Scoot which prices from SG$550 to SG$650 with no food.

Most people who fly to Tokyo would go to Narita Airport which is VERY far from Tokyo in fact it takes 1 hour 30 minutes by train to Tokyo and the train ride for one way will cost you around SG$16 from Narita to Tokyo.

A smarter choice is to find flights to Haneda instead which is much nearer to Tokyo which takes about 30 minutes to reach Tokyo and cost only SG$6 from Haneda to Tokyo.

Where To Go In Tokyo

  • Shibuya & Shinjuku ( for shopping )
  • Harajuku ( like bugis street )
  • Nakano Broadway & Akihabara ( anime street interesting to see )
  • Ueno Park & Zoo ( the zoo not bad )
  • Ikebukuro ( sun shine city, lots of things to see and shop )
  • Sugama ( old tradition street shops )

For more tips and guide what is available at these places you can visit http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2164.html

Flea Markets To Visit Schedule & Places

Akihabara UDX Chiyoda Flea Market

Ohi Racecourse Flea Market

To get hot deals, you may also want to check out the web link below for up coming Flea Markets, one of the biggest one you do not want to miss is held every Sunday at Ohi Racecourse -Tokyo City Flea Market- Shinagawa 09:00 to 15:00 with up to 600 stores!


Places To Buy Snacks

I not sure the name of the store but look out for this store image below where snacks are really cheap!

Love Shopping?

Do you love shopping as much as I do, you want to check out this huge OUTLET call AEON LakeTown. More information on how to get there here

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