Let’s faced it; video marketing is growing, and some have predicted by the year 2020 70% of the content online will focus more on videos. So you cannot ignore the fact that video marketing is growing and to create good videos you want them to be viral.

To do that it’s important to understand study how others made them successful.

Dollar Shave Club’s video launch and valued at $615 million. What more important is to study the elements of the video above is how they promote their product to make it fun and funny at the same time.


Another form of engaging video is using the product as part of the campaign above where you use the product as a reason to buy a product.

Out of the three, the video on Squatty Potty is by far the best video product promotion I have ever seen and with that it gives you examples how these videos were created that make it viral.

If you watch all three videos, they all have some common elements in them which are

  • They are entertaining
  • Makes you smile
  • Enjoyable
  • A great story to tell
  • Explains the problem
  • Gives the solutions
  • Gives you a core reason to buy

These are just some tips on creating a viral video, do bookmark this page if you find it useful and share it with your friends. God Bless 🙂

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