Depending on what model of Amazon you are selling from these tips and tricks would give you an added average when it comes to selling Amazon products.

A good start to see what sell is by looking at Amazon Best Seller List here . In each Amazon product there are the important attributes you need to take note when selecting a product to promote or private label

  • Product Listing Title
  • Product Best Seller Ranking
  • Category of Product
  • Is The Product Well Optimized

Here’s an example to explain in detail an item that is not well optimized.

  • Product Title:Cards Against Humanity
  • Product Bullets: Limited Up To 7 words per line
  • Description with no paragraphs
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1

Although this product is not well optimized it the number 1 product on Amazon due to fact it maybe heavy advertise on TV or the product has high viral marketing potential that is why it sells so well. How do I know that because Google Trends shows this product is currently high in demand by the search trends as you can see here.

The Secret is Lots of Amazon Products Are Not Well Optimize

Although there are millions of products on Amazon but tons of listings on Amazon are actually not well optimize with their keywords and title.  More information on how to create a optimize listing can be found here in our member’s area.

Any example of well optimized listing can be seen here.

You will noticed in this listing, it has used the maximum exposure on his titles to get Amazon natural keyword search results but it could have done better with better bullets and description.

Once done correctly, you can actually easily sell products on Amazon which is even more expensive that other listing on Amazon and make good products by tapping into optimizing your keywords right.

There were various cases, while everyone on Amazon was selling at $99, my listing was sold at $165 all because I was using Method 4 of AzonBible 🙂

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