Hashflare is a cloud based mining company that you can purchase hash power to mine for Bitcoin for profits. Watch the video above for more information about Hashflare and cloud mining for bitcoin

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  • nyirendac

    Bitcoin mining is not profitable. Many people are actually making money through referrals, in stead of the bitcoin mining itself. The amount of Bitcoin gained through mining is getting smaller and smaller by the day. The only way to gain profits is when the price Bitcoin increases. This cannot be guaranteed considering the rate at which technology is evolving. There are many altcoins (e.g. Litecoin and Ripple) that are experiencing much more rapid growth than Bitcoin. In stead of mining, one can make better profits through cryptocurrency trading. This is what I have learnt in this past one year. Automated Cryptocurrency Trading makes me far more money than Bitcoin mining.

    • Thanks for your honest comment :) which are u using?

      • nyirendac

        Looool after losing a few dollars from ponzi-like automatic Cryptocurrency trading businesses, which disappear easily, I have finally settled on USI-TECH. They have a good history in forex trading; they are now combining that with cryptocurrencies.

        • well thats the risk we have to take to learn from mistakes :)

          • nyirendac

            Very true :)