If you are an experience trader coming especially from Forex trading background and know how to read charts and more you will find what I about to recommend to you a time saver by using this bot ( click here to sign up for FREE 30 day trial )

The reason I explored this because I knew how to read charts and to sit at the computer for hours just to make a few trades does not make sense to me. So I started searching around for a solution and found this

If you need help to get bitcoin click here, to get started first you need to have an exchange trading account. The good thing about this bot, it does not hold your funds basically what it only does is to monitor the coin prices on the exchange and buy/sells based on the signals you set on it.

More details on how to set it the bot and register can be found at the video in this article above. To sign up for a FREE 30 day trial click here for Cryptohopper

The exchange that we recommend to trade bitcoin will be binance, to find out more about binance click here. To register for your free binance account and get 0.1% trading fee click here to register for free.

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Disclaimer details: This is not financial advise, invest at your own risk and invest only on what you can afford to loose. Affiliates links are found in this article to support this blog

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