Just recently I took a really long break to travel to Japan Tokyo and done quite a number of research on how to travel it on a budget of USD$4000 for 2 person for 16 days. So I thought why not share some tips on what I have found on my blog to aid traveller who wish to travel to Tokyo in the future 🙂

Tips I will be covering in the coming days later would be points on

  • How to get around on the train in Tokyo
  • Where are the best places to shop in Tokyo
  • What are the cheapest places to eat in Tokyo
  • How to buy cheap flights to Tokyo
  • Finding cheap places to stay in Tokyo
  • Finding the right time and season for Cherry Blossoms
  • Where to find flea markets
  • and so much more

If there is something you wish me to add on to the list and wish for me to share do comment below as I prepare the content in the next few days.

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